Upcoming Products

2012 brings a lot of new possibilities to Headless Hydra Games, along with some big challenges. Just because our big setting book has hit the virtual shelves, doesn’t mean that we are ready to kick the bucket. Far from it. What it really means is that we now have time for other projects… most of which are definitely related to Mor Aldenn, City of Mages.

Below you’ll find some of the products that we are hoping to publish in 2012.

Mor Aldenn Setting Guide: Yes, this is already available… in pdf. However, in 2012, you’ll be able to get both a softcover and a hardcover edition. These will be available from the POD store at RPGNow.com. You should be able to buy these by the end of january 2012.

Viridian Legacy Adventure Path: For a while, Ron and I have talked about creating a big adventure path for the Mor Aldenn campaign setting. Ron has done more than just talk about it, however. He has created a wonderful plot that will be able to keep the PCs on their toes all the way to 13th level. This adventure path brings a lot of new names to the list of freelancers that have worked for Headless Hydra Games, and some of these are regular writers at the Paizo stable. Yes, I am very excited about this project. Hopefully we will be able to publish a new chapter every month, starting in mid february.

Viridian Legacy Player’s Guide: Any adventure path needs a player’s guide with lots of options for the players. This will be published prior to the first chapter, most likely.

15 Specific Weapons: Yes, we are not done with this line. I hope to publish at least three or four of these, one of which will be a 15 Specific Armors. The third volume is just waiting for some amazing artwork from Mike Burns and then it will hit the virtual shelves. Probably by the end of january.

Eldritch Weapons or Eldritch Arms and Armors: This will be the second volume in the Eldritch Secrets series and collect all the arms and armors from the 15 Specific… series. It will most likely have a lot of new arms and armors as well. I cannot promise that it will be a colour version, like Eldritch Secrets, but hopefully…

Free Products: 2012 will bring a lot of new products, among those a lot of short web enhancements for the new Mor Aldenn Setting Guide. Some of these you will see in january/february.


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