Wizard’s Path – the collector’s edition!

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I know, we are far from finished with the Wizard’s Path, but I just wanted to let everyone know, that if you’ve bought all the pdfs, you will get the collector’s edition of Wizard’s Path pdf for free!

The collector’s edition will feature even more artwork (and a full-colour cover) and all the crunch from the series, plus… more crunch!

Chapter II now available!

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The second chapter of Wizard’s Path is now available in pdf! This pdf also contains a really cool full-page illustration by Gary Dupuis, displaying a scene from the Barrowdelve.

Wizard’s Path is written by Sean Holland


And look out for the next chapter coming out at the start of November!

The Mor Aldenn Chronicles!

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Headless Hydra Games is proud to present their new serial, called “Wizard’s Path”, written by longtime gamer, games designer and author extraordinaire, Sean Holland!

Here’s a short appetizer!

The tale of Cellian Varr begins with the young abjuror shopping for
materials to build a set of warding stones for one of the tests of the
Tower of Abjuration.  Always more work to do for an up and coming young
apprentice and thats exactly what Cellian Varr is!

While walking around town, Cellian catches a glimpse of a grey cloaked stranger watching her from afar. Who is the stranger watching her? Perhaps someone who knows the abjuror better than anyone else…

Later, Cellian meets up with a few of her best friends: Konni, a kobold fisherman and frog hunter. Rufys, a human apprentice from the Changing Tower, and Zael, a young dwarven mage-smith sent to study in Mor Aldenn.  The friends, see ‘something’ cause an accident and chase it through the streets.

They lose the creature out by the Fallen Tower.  When the heroes start to
head back to town, they find themselves surrounded by more of the strange
creatures.  Which are actually small imp
-like creatures made of
stone, burned wood and bone.

Our heroes are not strong enough to defeat the horde of stone imps, but they can certainly outrun them! What are these creatures and whats their ties to the Fallen Tower?

All this and more will be revealed in the first part of the new Mor Aldenn Chronicle, “Wizard’s Path”. The first part will bear the subtitle; “Sticks and Stones”

You’ll also find supplemental material on the Design Blog, giving insight into some of the secrets revealed in the Chronicle! Like, new monsters, spells, feats, items and lots of NPCs!

The Author Search…


… has ended!

Within the next few minutes, I’m going to read the proposals one more time, just to be sure that my judgement is sound. After that, I’m going to send out e-mails to all the authors who submitted proposals for the Mor Aldenn Serial.

I’ll be honest and tell you that I’ve already contacted the one who will  write the ongoing serial for the blogs, but there were a lot of talented authors and I may have a few more projects that I’d like to see happen.

Mor Aldenn fiction

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I’ve decided to hire an author to write a serial to be posted on this blog and the Design Blog. So far, a few authors have contacted me and they have all received the Player’s Guide to Mor Aldenn, which will (hopefully) inspire them in their hunt for a great story.

I will choose the story based on the synopsis and the writing sample. I’m not entirely sure what kind of a story I’m looking for, though, maybe something that has the potential of exploring some of the iconic places and characters of the city. I’m also a great fan of twists and mystery; you are reading a story and think you know where it’s going, and then… it turns on you in a wonderful way.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with!