Time to get the Headless Hydra Games blog going again… and what better place to start than with a new map of Mor Aldenn, the City of Mages! You might ask yourself, why an all new map?

Honestly, when I decided to work on a new and expanded setting guide, I knew that I had to make Mor Aldenn even bigger. Mor Aldenn was never very big and more the size of a small town than a small city. This new map matches my expectations of what I originally intended. I also wanted to change the location of some of the important locations, like the Tower Hill and Horse Downs.

This map has actually been created in a very unique way – you can’t really see it in the finished result, if you didn’t know it, but I actually created 20-25 versions, building the map from the timeline. Starting with the very first settlers of course and then jumping 10-15 years ahead in time, making a new map. Yes, this was time-consuming, but it also made the map a 100 times better than what it would have been. Things makes sense now.

I had almost given up on finding a new cartographer for this project, when suddenly Andrew Law appeared! I remembered him from the amazing Freeport map, but what really sold me on him was the maps on his website. His style would be perfect for Mor Aldenn! And it was! Andrew has really taken the assignment seriously and has even made his mark on the setting.

Well, enough talk, here is a preview of the final map!


As with the other maps of the Mor Aldenn setting, this map will also be available in a small map pack including a colour and greyscale version!