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A recent thread over at got me thinking about how I started out as a writer in the mid d20 era (not as long ago as it sounds). Basically, I wrote a lot of publishers asking for advice and then I offered them a challenge. Or rather, I asked them to challenge me, with a small free writing assignment with a tight deadline.

The first publisher to take this challenge was Ian S. Johnston over at Silverthorne Games. He was developing a few monster books at the time and so asked me to create 3 unique (and interesting) monsters for him. Which I did, of course. He liked them, but didn’t currently have a project in mind for them. He gave me some valuable feedback and that was that, basically. Later that year, I submitted a spellbook to him that he also liked but didn’t have the time to publish, he did, however, tell me that one of the other publishers were sure to pick it up. It was… not bad!

He was right, of course. Adamant Entertainment picked it up and published it as the Dread Codex II: the Necromancer’s Tome.

So, thinking about my first writing experiences, made me want to see what the dudes over at Silverthorne Games were doing. Its been a while since they last published anything, but apparently that is about to change. I sure hope that they will jump aboard the Pathfinder train, especially if they have plans of making a Pathfinder version of their famous Book of Templates. I do love a good template, and the way they are written in the Pathfinder RPG, they are much more accessible. If you feel the urge, check out their site… there is a link up above.

And so, the circle is complete, as I deliver my advice to a young and aspiring writer… I do hope that he makes it!

[Eldritch Secrets] Open Playtest!

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I’ve decided to make a small selection of spells available… for free! Of course, the plan is to get people involved in the playtesting of Eldritch Secrets, but really, there are no strings attached to this free pdf. If you just want to download them for use in your home campaign… please do!

If you are interested in seeing what Headless Hydra Games is working on, please head on over to our RPGNow store. Just follow this link;

If you have any suggestions, feel free to either write them here, to me personally ( or at the Paizo messageboard;

All suggestions are welcome, in fact, I would deep appreciate them!

[Eldritch Secrets] Levels…

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So, how are the levels represented in Eldritch Secrets? This is the third round of statistics… and once again, I’m not really surprised, except to say that I had imagined that there would be more 0-level spells.

0-level spells: 32 (13,2%)

1st-level spells: 47 (19,2%)

2nd-level spells: 43 (17,8%)

3rd-level spells: 45 (18,6%)

4th-level spells: 33 (13,6%)

5th-level spells: 28 (11,6%)

6th-level spells: 26 (10,7%)

7th-level spells: 12 (5%)

8th-level spells: 12 (5%)

9th-level spells: 11 (4,5%)

Eldritch Secrets!

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Today is all about doing statistics on Eldritch Secrets! I want to find out if there is a balance between the classes, levels and spell types (offensive, defensive and utility spells).

If any class is under-represented, I may have to add a few spells for that particular class, but honestly, I expect the book to be rather balanced.

I also hope to find out exactly how many spells are exclusive to only one class. Each class should have at least a few spells that are exclusive to them, even the ranger and paladin class!

News time!

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It’s been a while since I used this blog, but I guess now is the time to take it up again… mostly because I have something to blog about!

I finally finished the last of the playtest pdfs for Eldritch Secrets, and yes, it has taken me longer than I would have liked. But anyways, the pdf has gone out to the contributors and now I await their last judgement!

I hope to begin the final design by the 1st of August, which is probably a bit optimistic, but you can always hope. I will also start assigning artists by that time, and I have decided to make this the first full colour project of Headless Hydra Games.

[Art Directing] An experiment!

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This idea actually came across when one of the artists created something entirely new for one of our creatures. Most of the creature was faithful to the description, but there was some rather creative ideas that I just couldn’t ignore. They were just too cool and got me thinking.

How about letting each of the artists design a monster of their own? They would have (almost) total freedom. The writers would then stat up the monsters, creating a bunch of entirely new monsters for Forgotten Foes.

Of course, when I say almost, it is not because I wanted any control over these creatures, but because a need for a change might… appear.

And it did.

One of the monsters, a really cool and original demon, had some rather strange… features that might not go over well with most customers or even the compatibility license from

The artists are free to decline doing a monster of their own, but so far, all of my wonderful artists has accepted the challenge, and even a few has already delivered some seriously cool sketches that will (without a doubt) be turned into some seriously cool finished illustrations.

This is a reversed way of thinking, but why not use the creative energies from the artists? I’m almost certain that Mark and Stefen, the freelance writers on this project, will have a lot of fun statting these guys up. I know I would!

Just to give you a little preview of these new monsters. This is a demon with some serious animalistic features, especially in the face and the hairy body. I like demons and often use them in my games. I can’t wait to see what the writers do with this one!

Chapter II now available!

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The second chapter of Wizard’s Path is now available in pdf! This pdf also contains a really cool full-page illustration by Gary Dupuis, displaying a scene from the Barrowdelve.

Wizard’s Path is written by Sean Holland

And look out for the next chapter coming out at the start of November!

New products!

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The Ugly Harpy, by Jonathan Roberts!Headless Hydra Games is proud to present the second Pathfinder-compatible product… the Ugly Harpy!

This is a locale supplement, detailing the infamous inn best known as the Ugly Harpy Inn. If you want to mingle with thieves, kobolds, fighters and wizards… this is the place to visit!

The Ugly Harpy includes a new magical weapon special quality, three NPCs and lots of adventure hooks, oh yeah, and a wonderful map created by Jonathan Roberts!

The second product made available today is the Ugly Harpy Cartography, which is a must-have if you plan on visiting the Ugly Harpy often!

Gods of Mor Aldenn – Ehlora… for sale!

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Headless Hydra Games is proud to present their first Pathfinder-compatible product called the Gods of Mor Aldenn, Ehlora!

This book details the goddess of ancestry, death and knowledge, as well as her followers, called the Sisters. It contains a feat (Favored of Ehlora) as well as a few NPCs (4) and a small number of (mostly) cleric spells.

Ehlora is an important part of Mor Aldenn, but could just as easily be a part of some other fantasy setting!

For more information about the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, go to!

Now available from!

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Headless Hydra Games’ Products are now available from!

If you are reading this, you may already possess at least one of the guides, but for future reference, you may want to check out the store and buy your HHG products there… or not!

It just seems fitting to sell our Pathfinder-compatible products at rather than anywhere else.

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