Chapter II now available!

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The second chapter of Wizard’s Path is now available in pdf! This pdf also contains a really cool full-page illustration by Gary Dupuis, displaying a scene from the Barrowdelve.

Wizard’s Path is written by Sean Holland

And look out for the next chapter coming out at the start of November!

The Mor Aldenn Glossary!

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The Mor Aldenn Glossary is now available from!

It collects information from all the published sources, as well as both chapters of the Wizard’s Path online serial. Furthermore, the glossary collects information from some of my own personal notes, so there’s even a few things there that you wont find anywhere else… at least for now!

The Glossary is available as a free download until the 18th November, after which the Glossary will cost a few dollars. So make sure to grab it right now!

You can find it here;

Please note that this Glossary is mostly intended for the GMs, so if you are a player, beware when reading the Glossary!

Wizard’s Path I…available!

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Headless Hydra Games just released the first chapter of their new online serial called Wizard’s Path!

You can always go to and read the serial, but if you buy the pdf you also get a full-page illustration by Gary Dupuis plus stats on the four main characters, a new spell and a new monster – the Puppet Imp!

Wizard’s Path is written by Sean Holland!