New Setting and possibly… RPG

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At the beginning of august, I came into contact with a certain favorite fantasy author of mine, who told me that he was currently working on book 3 and 4 of a fantasy series that he started more than 20 years ago. We began discussing his setting and stories and I also told him that I had wanted to make his setting into a Roleplaying Game for years. He then told me that he had been working on a Codex for his setting and that he planned to make it a free download. Well, who better than Headless Hydra Games to help out in that department and make it an awesome download with maps and artwork! He agreed and this the work on this Codex will begin in january, with a possible february publication.

About a roleplaying game, well, I’ve been thinking heavily about that for the last weeks. Would it be possible to make a whole new RPG based on the fantasy setting, or should we perhaps use a system that already exists? And if so, what system would fit this particular setting? I can tell you that this setting is fantasy, but not one based on the classic races and archetypes from, say. Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder, no it has its own exotic and flavored races, such as Timberlimbs, Stoneskins and Murkmen, and its own archetypes, such as Fisters, Wardens, Consorts and SpiritLifters. I really love Pathfinder, would this be the best choice for such a setting? Since it is a low magic setting, I am not sure, but then what would be a good system? I’ve been looking and have found a few good choices, like Pinnacle Entertainment’s Savage Worlds, however, at this point, I am merely thinking about it.

So what’s the true intention of this post? Well, I am hoping to find designers who also have a great love for this author and his setting and who would love to help out creating a new setting and Roleplaying Game. I have left out the specific details of the author and his setting at this point, as we are merely discussing the possibility of a RPG based on his books. You might recognize the names, fisters, wardens, murkmen and stoneskins, in which case, you are probably the one I am looking for! Yet, even if you dont recognize them, you might still want to join the project, in which case you should definitely get in contact with me ( if you do, I’ll gladly tell you the name of the author and setting, I just dont want to make any public announcement yet.

This will probably be the great Headless Hydra Games project for 2013! And by that, I mean a possible deadline around the Summer 2013.


Write a review!

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For years, I’ve told everyone that they should write a review of the products that they buy, but have I written any review of my own? Of course not! Yes, this makes absolutely no sense and so I recently started to do some reviews, beginning with all the Pathfinder products that I’ve bought over the years.

Here are some links to a couple of the reviews that I’ve written recently;

Legendary Classes: The Rook (by Purple Duck Games) 3.5 stars

Legendary Races: Medusa (by Purple Duck Games) 3.5 stars

Monstrous Races: Second Horde (by Purple Duck Games) 5 stars

Evocative City Sites: The Intimate Shape Festhall (by Rite Publishing) 2.5 stars

Wyrd of Questhaven (by Rite Publishing) 3.5 stars

A Dozen Armor and Shield Properties (by Rite Publishing) 3.5 stars

Midgard: Book of Drakes (by Open Design) 5 stars

Infamous Adversaries: Cytheria the Blasphemer (by TPK Games) 4 stars

So now I think I can say… go and write a review of one of the products you’ve bought within the last couple of weeks! 🙂

On behalf of all the publishers out there, I think I can also say this… we would love to hear what you think of our products, even if you don’t like them and especially if you have suggestions on how we can make them even better in the future!

New Headless Hydra Clip Art

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A new year brings… new clip art from the Headless Hydra. The newest pieces are from Mike Burns, who also helped out on the Setting Guide and then, of course, the Forge. The later was part of a deal I made with them long ago and was also used in a certain product that I worked on for a long long time.

You can find the two illustrations here, along with all the other clip art pieces from the Hydra.

There may be a couple of new illustrations in the very near future… so keep your eyes open!


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Apparently, Headless Hydra Games makes metal figures now… 🙂

I did not know this!

Mor Aldenn Setting Guide (Progress report I)

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A week ago I finally found some time to work on the Mor Aldenn setting guide. And when I say work, I mean work on the final layout of the book. When this is done, the book is ready for publishing. I hope to finish this book before the year is over, but lets see if I can actually follow through on that promise.

I have already begun work on the dreaded second chapter (Player’s Options), and that work has been surprisingly easy, so far. I had dreaded this chapter because it really wasn’t done. So basically, I am making editorial decisions as I make the final layout.

This book will probably be around 200 pages and I have already done 54. At the moment, I am working on the spells section of chapter two.

Below you’ll find some images of the final page layout.


Mor Aldenn page layout

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Yeah, on a lighter note… lets have a look at the new page layout for the Mor Aldenn Setting Guide! This was designed by Rene Walk, a really cool graphic designer, cartographer and artist.

There may be certain changes made to this, but they will be minor, such as the font. This is pretty close to the final layout.

HHG Product Prices…

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I just wanted to say that, yes, I try to sell Headless Hydra Games‘ products as cheap as possible, but no… I don’t think that our products are cheap and worthless.

I sell our products cheap because I’d rather a lot of people buy our stuff than just a few. I want our products to be accessible.

Headless Hydra products can match the best products on the market and you can always be certain that a lot of work and love have gone into their making. Sure, there are a few products that I am less proud of, but these works are my own and I know my own limitations.

I would never call our products Legendary and say that none could make products of the same quality as ours. People could surely come up with the same ideas, or maybe even better ideas, but if they are looking for a little inspiration, they should definitely take the time to check out our cheap and useful products.

I will never change my pricing philosophy, just because someone is trying to earn more money on his products.

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