[Eldritch Secrets] Update!


Well, we are getting dangerously close to a point where I can begin work on the final product. I just received the final images from Jeremy McHugh… really excellent stuff… and all I need now is two images from Rene Walk and a couple from Florian Stitz. And then a few spells from Christian that are tailored to the new APG classes… then I’m absolutely ready to finish the book!

The following is an example of how the finished pages of Eldritch Secrets might end up looking! The background is just… spectacular… a real piece of art by Rene Walk. There is text hidden within the frame, but I dont think you will be able to read this in the final book. However, I’m not sure that this is how I wish to present the text… it’s just an example!

Oh, and Bret Boyd has delivered the foreword… written by himself and Maxolt Alberiim, the author of the Behind the Spells Compendium. Its perfect for Eldritch Secrets! I cant wait to finish the book!

[Eldritch Secrets] More artwork!

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I’ve pretty much received all the sketches from my artists and over half of the finished illustrations, so I guess it is time to show a few more pieces for the book.

This is the Invisible Carriage by Darren Calvert. Not an easy spell to illustrate, since there really isn’t anything to show, but I think Darren did one hell of a job with it.

This is a masterwork stylus, the focus for the spell, Create Ink. This illustration was created by Carlos Torreblanca, whom some of you may know from Wayfinder! I love the colours of this piece!

This small fellow is called a puppet imp (or Twigman, by the commoners). The illustration was done by Daniel K. Lorentsen. These guys can be summoned using the spell Sticks and Stones. Some of you may remember this one from the Mor Aldenn fiction written by Sean Holland.

That’s it for now!

[Eldritch Secrets] Art sneak peak!

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Hi guys, its been too long since I wrote something about Eldritch Secrets, formerly known as the Spell Compendium project! So here is a short update and a sneak peak at the artwork.

Eldritch Secrets is nearly ready for layout. Most of the spells have been tested over and over again by countless good people, so much, that if I look at them one more time, I will probably come to hate them (which would be a shame!). With the newly released Advanced Player’s Guide (by Paizo), I will, however, have to look at them one more time, to see if there are any spells that resemble each other too much.

Concerning the artwork, all of it has been commissioned and I have already received most of the sketches. And as you can see from the sneak peaks… it is going to be a beautiful book!

Oh, and I’ve hired one more artist for the project, Daniel K. Lorentsen. You

can check out his work here; www.daniellorentsen.com

He was missing for a while, but now he is back and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can contribute to Eldritch Secrets!

What you are seeing is the illustration for the Stomach of Holding spell, this one is finished and ready for the book. It was done by a chinese artist named JinFeng.

The other two are for the Draconic Whip spell and Force Bombard. These were done by Darren Calvert and are only sketches, they will be in colour once the book is released.

I guess that is it for now, hopefully I will be able to show you guys the finished logo for the book next time!

Progress report

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I did a lot of writing today, on the Gods of Mor Aldenn, so much that the write-up of the first deity, the goddess Ehlora may soon be done. I also did a lot of crunch, like NPCs, feats and spells.

This pdf should be ready for August 13th, but the question remains… do I publish all three gods in one pdf or three separate pdfs?

I’m leaning towards separating them, but we’ll see…

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