Viridian Legacy: chapter One preview

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To celebrate the upcoming release of the first chapter in the Viridian Legacy adventure path, I’ve decided to show you a little preview. First, the introduction…

Life in Duny Slough has always been hard. On the frontier of land that falls within the protectorate of Mor Aldenn, Duny Slough is deep within the Spindlewood Marsh, moving deeper each season. Annually with the thawing of winter, the huts and wicker-halls of Duny Slough are rebuilt atop one of the marsh’s great peat bogs. Peat is then harvested until the first frost, when the village is again abandoned, only to be rebuilt in a new location the following spring. The gleaners of Duny Slough, mostly halflings, are no strangers to hardship so deep in the Spindlewood Marsh. Regular encounters with savage lizardfolk tribes and gargantuan serpents are commonplace and there is always the threat of bog giants, witches and their familiars, hags, and worse. The gleaners endure as they always have, their peat fertilizes fields and lights hearthfires throughout the region, their way of life a delicate balance of industry and adventure.

“The Wasting of Duny Slough” is the first chapter of the Viridian Legacy Adventure Path. Viridian Legacy takes place in the world of Mor Aldenn, City of Mages. Though all the information needed to run this adventure is contained here (within chapter one), additional resources for the setting are available in the Mor Aldenn Setting Guide. Though this adventure can serve as a stand-alone adventure in any home campaign, its primary purpose is to introduce players to the Mor Aldenn campaign setting, and it’s assumed the players and GM are interested in exploring this setting throughout the Viridian Legacy Adventure Path.



The Viridian Legacy Revelation

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When at least a hundred people downloaded the Viridian Legacy GM’s Guide, I promised to reveal who is going to write each of the twelve chapters of the Viridian Legacy adventure path for the Mor Aldenn – City of Mages – setting. We reached that number a few days ago, but now I am ready to reveal the great forces that is going to bring you a new adventure path, the first by Headless Hydra Games!

So lets not waste any more time… here they are!

Chapter One: The Wasting of Duny Slough (Thomas Baumbach and Ron Lundeen)

Chapter Two: A Flirtation with Fey (Greg Hanigan)

Chapter Three: Beyond the Serpentine Lock (Ron Lundeen)

Chapter Four: Past Tense (Bret Boyd)

Chapter Five: [TBD] (Mark Gedak)

Chapter Six: [TBD] (Ben Armitage)

Chapter Seven: Of Ghosts and Bones (Sean Holland)

Chapter Eight: Life’s Rich Pageant (David Schwartz)

Chapter Nine: [TBD] (Thomas Baumbach)

Chapter Ten: [TBD] (Ron Lundeen)

Chapter Eleven: To Still the Beating Heart (Larry Wilhelm and Scott Sharplin)

Chapter Twelve: Sky Fortresses (Ron Lundeen)

The Conclusion (Ron Lundeen)

The titles are allĀ works in progress and may be changed before the final release, but I wanted them here for completion. I am proud to have all of these amazing writers aboard this epic project and I really hope that I’ll be able to make the products as beautiful as the words contained within! I can also tell you that chapters 1-3 are all close to being done as are a couple of the others, but since we’ll release these chapters over the course of a full year, I think we can wait for the rest.

The first chapter just needs the last pieces of art and a beautiful cover by Felipe Gaona and then I can release it. Hopefully this will be by the beginning of august.

Ah, I almost forgot… each chapter will also contain a small shortstory about one of the Exalted Champions, written by Jason Kimble, and some of them will contain advice on how to use and integrate feys into the AP by David Nicholas Ross.

Any questions? If so… shoot and I’ll try to answer them if I can!

Old products… last chance!

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I’ve decided to pull some old Headless Hydra Games products from the market. These were the first products that I created and mark a different time. Since I began working on the Mor Aldenn setting, a lot has happened and a lot has changed. Both in Mor Aldenn, but also in the world of 3PPs.

This is a 14 days notice.

If you want to keep your files, you should download them now (and store them somewhere), because in 14 days, they will no longer be available for download from either nor from

When the items are pulled from the market, I will also make the new Mor Aldenn Setting Guide available at a 50% discount. This discount is for everyone and will mark a new beginning at Headless Hydra Games.

The following items will be pulled from the stores:

A GM’s Guide to Mor Aldenn

A Player’s Guide to Mor Aldenn

Gods of Mor Aldenn: Ehlora

The Ugly Harpy

Eldritch Secrets: Open Playtest

The Mor Aldenn Notebook

The Mor Aldenn Notebook Expanded

Furthermore, the two published chapters of the Wizard’s Path serial have been made available as free downloads from both RPGNow and Paizo. They will remain free downloads henceforth.

If you have any questions or just want to tell me that it is either a good or bad decision, you can contact me here;

– Axel

Confession time… New vs Old?

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I’ve recently been thinking about the old Headless Hydra Games products vs the new Headless Hydra Games products. Clearly the newest products are of a much higher standard, writing and layout-wise.

When I started out more than 2 years ago, I just wanted to create a setting of my own, something that I could use for my own games, but also a setting that others might enjoy using. I created Mor Aldenn, the City of Mages. It started out small, just a GM’s and Player’s guide, basically the same information, but with different angles. From the very beginning, I knew that I wanted to eventually create a bigger more complete guide, fully compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Now, two years later… I have.

Confession time: The old material is poorly written and lacks editing. I’ll gladly take the blame for that, I may have been a little too eager to get my first product on the market. In my defense, I did ask 6-7 proofreaders to help out make the product better, but in hindsight, I probably should have taken all of their advice. However, the two guidebooks still has a lot of cool ideas and some really great artwork to inspire a GM or player. Also, it was the old material that inspired the new material and some of the original material haven’t been changed.

So here’s the problem: I would like to put the old material behind me and look forward. Call it sort of a 2nd edition of Mor Aldenn. However, there are quite a few people who have bought the old guides, so would it be fair to remove the products from the market altogether? If I do this, it won’t be possible for them to download the products anymore and they would have (sort of) wasted their money.

The (temporary) solution: I’ve just changed the prices of the oldest products (Player’s Guide, GM’s Guide, Gods of Mor Aldenn, Ugly Harpy, A Trail of Poison) so that they are practically free. I’ve also made two of the products free downloads (Wizard’s Path, chapter 1 and 2). So far, the changes have only been made to RPGNow, but will hopefully be made to the Paizo store… soon.

You can find the products here.

I think these are much more fair prices, for the quality, but what I would really like to do is…

1) Remove them completely. Or…

2) Make them free downloads

What are your thoughts on this?

Updated Mor Aldenn bundle

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It was time to create a new Mor Aldenn bundle and so I have! This bundle includes all the new pdfs that we’ve created, like the Setting Guide, Creature Compendium, Gaiants Discovered, Moon’s Folly, Player’s Guide, but also a Mor Aldenn adventure, the Haunting of Soldragon Academy and the Revised Mor Aldenn map pack!

All this for only $15.99! This means that you save more than $10!

You can find the bundle on!

[Mor Aldenn] Play-by-post, anyone?

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I’ve been wanting to start a play-by-post in Mor Aldenn, the City of Mages, for some time now. I only have some loose ideas of what the game is going to be about, but unless anyone is interested, ideas don’t mean much.

So if anyone is interested, please drop me a note either here or maybe an email:

I hope someone is interested in a bit of adventuring in the City of Mages!

First review of the setting guide

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Endzeitgeist (aka Thilo Graf) just posted a 4.5 star review of the Mor Aldenn Setting Guide. It really gives an in-depth review of the whole guide and if anyone is thinking of buying this campaign setting, I suggest that you read End’s review.

You can find it here.

The review is not just positive (although mostly so). It also lists a couple of flaws, and I do agree with most of those points. If you are interested in reading my thoughts on these, just follow this link and scroll down for a bit.

This will (hopefully) be the first of many (positive) reviews.

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