Links to artists


Maybe you are looking for an artist… maybe you just like to look at illustrations or maybe you even find some inspiration in them.

Whatever you are looking for, I’d like to show you the blogs and sites of the artists who have worked on Headless Hydra Games products over the years.

If you see something you like, don’t hesitate to contact the artists, I know that they would love the chance to get some more work.

The artists are presented in alphabetical order, by their surname.

Bruno Balixa Illustration

Mike Burns’ blog

Darren M. A. Calvert Illustration

Nicole Cardiff Illustration

Richard Chaplin Illustration

Adam Denton Illustration

Gary Dupuis Illustration

Felipe Gaona Illustration

David Hamilton Illustration

Justin Hernandez Illustration

Mark Hyzer Illustration

Daniel K. Lorentsen’s blog

Jeremy McHugh’s blog

Marc Rødskov Illustration

Peter Szmer Illustration

Chad Sergesketter Illustration

Florian Stitz Illustration

Carlos Torreblanca Illustration

Rene Walk Illustration and Graphic Design

Mario Zuccarello Illustration


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