At the beginning of august, I came into contact with a certain favorite fantasy author of mine, who told me that he was currently working on book 3 and 4 of a fantasy series that he started more than 20 years ago. We began discussing his setting and stories and I also told him that I had wanted to make his setting into a Roleplaying Game for years. He then told me that he had been working on a Codex for his setting and that he planned to make it a free download. Well, who better than Headless Hydra Games to help out in that department and make it an awesome download with maps and artwork! He agreed and this the work on this Codex will begin in january, with a possible february publication.

About a roleplaying game, well, I’ve been thinking heavily about that for the last weeks. Would it be possible to make a whole new RPG based on the fantasy setting, or should we perhaps use a system that already exists? And if so, what system would fit this particular setting? I can tell you that this setting is fantasy, but not one based on the classic races and archetypes from, say. Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder, no it has its own exotic and flavored races, such as Timberlimbs, Stoneskins and Murkmen, and its own archetypes, such as Fisters, Wardens, Consorts and SpiritLifters. I really love Pathfinder, would this be the best choice for such a setting? Since it is a low magic setting, I am not sure, but then what would be a good system? I’ve been looking and have found a few good choices, like Pinnacle Entertainment’s Savage Worlds, however, at this point, I am merely thinking about it.

So what’s the true intention of this post? Well, I am hoping to find designers who also have a great love for this author and his setting and who would love to help out creating a new setting and Roleplaying Game. I have left out the specific details of the author and his setting at this point, as we are merely discussing the possibility of a RPG based on his books. You might recognize the names, fisters, wardens, murkmen and stoneskins, in which case, you are probably the one I am looking for! Yet, even if you dont recognize them, you might still want to join the project, in which case you should definitely get in contact with me ( if you do, I’ll gladly tell you the name of the author and setting, I just dont want to make any public announcement yet.

This will probably be the great Headless Hydra Games project for 2013! And by that, I mean a possible deadline around the Summer 2013.