For years, I’ve told everyone that they should write a review of the products that they buy, but have I written any review of my own? Of course not! Yes, this makes absolutely no sense and so I recently started to do some reviews, beginning with all the Pathfinder products that I’ve bought over the years.

Here are some links to a couple of the reviews that I’ve written recently;

Legendary Classes: The Rook (by Purple Duck Games) 3.5 stars

Legendary Races: Medusa (by Purple Duck Games) 3.5 stars

Monstrous Races: Second Horde (by Purple Duck Games) 5 stars

Evocative City Sites: The Intimate Shape Festhall (by Rite Publishing) 2.5 stars

Wyrd of Questhaven (by Rite Publishing) 3.5 stars

A Dozen Armor and Shield Properties (by Rite Publishing) 3.5 stars

Midgard: Book of Drakes (by Open Design) 5 stars

Infamous Adversaries: Cytheria the Blasphemer (by TPK Games) 4 stars

So now I think I can say… go and write a review of one of the products you’ve bought within the last couple of weeks! 🙂

On behalf of all the publishers out there, I think I can also say this… we would love to hear what you think of our products, even if you don’t like them and especially if you have suggestions on how we can make them even better in the future!