Yesterday (on the worst release day ever) we just released another 15 Specific Weapons. This is our third volume, and while the title says 15 Specific Weapons, there is actually 17 weapons, the reasons for this is that there is also a minor and a major version of the Bolt of Inconvenience.

This volume also introduces a new artist to this line: Mike Burns. He helped out on the Mor Aldenn Setting Guide, but I am happy to report that he knows how to create weapons as well.

What you can see there on the cover is the Purification Stake. In this pdf you’ll also find the¬†Arcanaphage (swordbreaker dagger), Bang Cutter (dogslicer), Bolt of Minor Inconvenience (bolt), Bolt of Inconvenience (bolt), Bolt of Major Inconvenience (bolt), Death’s Finger (sickle), Detonating Pilum (pilum), Firestorm Shuriken (shuriken), Grappler’s Gauntlets (gauntlets), Gul’s Ogre Hook (ogre hook), The Librarian’s Rejoinder (kukri), Lodestone Flail (flail), Purification Stake (wooden stake), Scarf of Lethal Beguilement (bladed scarf), Shadowbiter (punching dagger), Stonebreaker (dwarven maulaxe), Vengeance Spear (longspear).

You can find the 15 Specific Weapons, Volume 3 here: and

I hope you enjoy them!