I’ve decided to pull some old Headless Hydra Games products from the market. These were the first products that I created and mark a different time. Since I began working on the Mor Aldenn setting, a lot has happened and a lot has changed. Both in Mor Aldenn, but also in the world of 3PPs.

This is a 14 days notice.

If you want to keep your files, you should download them now (and store them somewhere), because in 14 days, they will no longer be available for download from either Paizo.com nor from RPGNow.com.

When the items are pulled from the market, I will also make the new Mor Aldenn Setting Guide available at a 50% discount. This discount is for everyone and will mark a new beginning at Headless Hydra Games.

The following items will be pulled from the stores:

A GM’s Guide to Mor Aldenn

A Player’s Guide to Mor Aldenn

Gods of Mor Aldenn: Ehlora

The Ugly Harpy

Eldritch Secrets: Open Playtest

The Mor Aldenn Notebook

The Mor Aldenn Notebook Expanded

Furthermore, the two published chapters of the Wizard’s Path serial have been made available as free downloads from both RPGNow and Paizo. They will remain free downloads henceforth.

If you have any questions or just want to tell me that it is either a good or bad decision, you can contact me here; storyguide.axel@gmail.com

– Axel