The Year’s First Sale at Headless Hydra Games will be 25%! That means 25% on all our pathfinder titles, but also on our map packs, clip art etc. Basically… everything!

25% isn’t bad… it means that you can get our newest 167 page Pathfinder campaign setting book, Mor Aldenn (City of Mages) for just $7.49!

That means lots of spells, feats, races, a new base class, archetypes, monsters… and (of course) a whole book of thousands of wondrous ideas! It even has a new (short) introductory adventure by Ron Lundeen and an illustrated shortstory (Demon Dreams) by Jason Kimble!

At the moment, the sale is up at, but I will let you know when the sale begins at!

Drop by and have a look!