Hey guys, as previously stated, this year brings a whole new set of adventures to Mor Aldenn. Yes, it is an adventure path – twelve adventures taking the characters from 1st to (most likely) 13th level. It is called Viridian Legacy and the reason for that… will remain a secret a little while longer.

So, how far in the actual process are we?

Well, Ron (Lundeen) has turned in a fantastic overview of the whole adventure path, along with some incredible background material about… and…! The 12 chapters all have assigned authors and most of these have even turned in amazing chapter outlines… yes, I am truly excited about all this! One of the authors is even close to finishing his chapter! As soon as the first chapter is (nearly) finished, I will announce all the authors and what chapters they are going write. You’ll see familiar faces and new faces!

I actually wanted publish the first chapter in september 2011, but the setting guide took a bit longer than anticipated. Well, now the setting guide is done and I can devote a lot of time to Viridian Legacy!

Since we are this early in the project, nothing is set in stone…yet. So before we get to the year’s first sale business, I have a couple of questions to ask you…

What makes a good adventure path?

Is there something that you would like to see, that other adventure paths have been missing? 

Which types of adventures do you like?

Is there some type of adventure that you’ve been dying to play, that just isn’t available on the market?

As a player, what type of material would you like to see in a Player’s Guide?

And now to the year’s first sale business. In the spirit of last year, I am having a sale that you can influence. For everyone who drops a reply here (reply as many times as you wish, but you only count as one), I will raise the sale by 1%, if we should reach 100 visitors I can’t promise that I will make everything available for free, though, but I will think about it! This chance ends in two days, on wednesday. I will make the sale available from both RPGNow and Paizo.

So… drop a reply! It can be an answer to one of my questions or just a simple hey! I am just glad to see you here!