Yep, its been a while since I last posted something on this blog, but since I finally has some serious news, I will update you on the current work here at Headless Hydra Games! Lets start with the newest releases!

– I –

Wreck of the Keening Crone

-Mor Aldenn adventure –


The acidic waters of the Spindleflow River ooze past the city of Mor Aldenn. Magical wards purify the waters and deter aggressive predators near thecity, but outside this zone, foul beasts lurk in the toxic river. When a treasure-laden riverboat sinks a few miles north of town, the race is on to delve the contaminated depths!


“Wreck of the Keening Crone” is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure designed for four or five 5th-level or 6th-level characters. The adventure contains new equipment, a variety of environments, and an easy, innovative mechanic to track how fast the characters reach the wreck.


“Wreck of the Keening Crone” takes place in Mor Aldenn and in the acidic Spindleflow River, but can be adapted to any city located on a wide river.


This adventure is 33 pages long and written by Ron Lundeen. Cover by Bruno Balixa. Interior Artwork by Gary Dupuis and Richard Chaplin.

This adventure is available here;,

The Clockworker

– New PFRPG Base Class –

The art of clockwork has been around for a long time, artisans creating complex timepieces and locks with elegant machinery. So too has the mystic work of golemcraft been done by wizards for untold ages.

Though a recent development, the clockworker is an innovator that fuses the mechanical science with magic, to create a complex and capable clockwork servant and many more mechanical wonders.

Clockworkers explore the science of golemcraft as they adventure, using their mechanical companion in dangerous situations not only to overcome these obstacles but to observe the machine’s performance and know how to improve it. While not as powerful a spellcaster as a wizard, the clockworker and companion are a team that can accomplish much together.

This is a new PFRPG base class, written by M. J. Nixon, editing and additional writing by Thomas Baumbach, cover by Felipe Gaona and interior artwork by Richard Chaplin.

This base class is available here; and