Mor Aldenn page layout

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Yeah, on a lighter note… lets have a look at the new page layout for the Mor Aldenn Setting Guide! This was designed by Rene Walk, a really cool graphic designer, cartographer and artist.

There may be certain changes made to this, but they will be minor, such as the font. This is pretty close to the final layout.


HHG Product Prices…

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I just wanted to say that, yes, I try to sell Headless Hydra Games‘ products as cheap as possible, but no… I don’t think that our products are cheap and worthless.

I sell our products cheap because I’d rather a lot of people buy our stuff than just a few. I want our products to be accessible.

Headless Hydra products can match the best products on the market and you can always be certain that a lot of work and love have gone into their making. Sure, there are a few products that I am less proud of, but these works are my own and I know my own limitations.

I would never call our products Legendary and say that none could make products of the same quality as ours. People could surely come up with the same ideas, or maybe even better ideas, but if they are looking for a little inspiration, they should definitely take the time to check out our cheap and useful products.

I will never change my pricing philosophy, just because someone is trying to earn more money on his products.