Well, a member of the wonderful Paizo community wanted to see how I had created Mor Aldenn from the first settlements to the wonderful city that Andrew Law created a few weeks back.

Unfortunately, the oldest maps have somehow vanished… or maybe I misplaced them somewhere, anyways, I can’t find them now so you’ll have to make do with the later development. Also, I forgot to note the year in which the city looked like this, on a scanable place on the map.  I remember thinking that I would probably never use these maps for anything, so why bother note them… yeah, a mistake!

Earliest map of Mor Aldenn

(that I could find)

Mor Aldenn was first settled on the west side, where you see the docks. This was a good place to hide your boats, but also a place where the current wasn’t as strong. At this point, there were only three mage towers, so it must have been around 15 AF (and 62 AF at the latest). Also, most people came to Mor Aldenn along the rivers, so there really wasn’t any roads leading away from the town, although it appears that I have begun preparing the road south already 🙂

The next stage of city development

(a date would have been perfect, but alas…)

Mor Aldenn is evolving to the north, which becomes the place for the working class, away from the mages and their towers. At this point, they haven’t created the northern dock, but the building that will later become the Ugly Harpy is already located her. Since the Tower of Abjuration has been built, it must be around 69 AF. The Barrowdelve have yet to be created.

Third stage of Mor Aldenn’s development

(yep, a date would have been awesome!)

The city is really growing now and have even expanding into the north, where a road now leads towards Ossindil, the elven capital. Since the Tower of Conjuration (later to become the Fallen Tower) is located south of Tower Hill, this must be around the year 94 AF. Also note that the centaurs have yet to arrive and that there is no Horse Downs at this point.

I’ll try to get the last two maps up tomorrow!