Today, I just want to do a little advertising for Purple Duck Games. This 3rd party publishing company is run by Mark Gedak and Stefen Styrsky. You have surely heard these two names mentioned before, as they have worked on several big projects for other great companies (like Tricky Owlbear Publishing, remember Forgotten Foes?). These guys have a great love for Pathfinder and you can always count on their work being high quality and if you have a comment concerning their work… they will surely listen!

Well, Mark has started creating these Collected Spell Lists… collecting short descriptions of all the spells in such products as; Book of Arcane Magic, Book of Divine Magic, Paths of Power, Eldritch Secrets, Book of the River Nations and the 101 Spell Series. This is the perfect tool if you love magic and spells, and especially if you love playing spellcasters.

You can download these awesome lists here and here! or you can choose to acknowledge Mark’s great work by dropping a few coins to the tip jar… you can do that here and here! So far he has collected all the bard and cleric spells, but I am sure that he will continue to collect spells for the other classes, especially if his hard work is acknowledged.

Hats off to Purple Duck Games!