Since it is very difficult to see any kind of details on the preview map… I’ve decided to cut a small section off the map and present it here… along with a little fun competition! With prizes… of course!

If you can guess the name of one of the red locations on the map below (in this post)… you can have a Headless Hydra Games‘ product of your choice! The first to guess the name gets a free product… but you can take a guess at all the red locations! Everyone has one guess at a single location… the name must be spelled right (which means exactly like on the map key)!

And yes, if your eyes are better than mine, you can probably get a little bit of help from the first map! Those who have knowledge of the setting will also have an advantage… of course. The rest of you… take a wild guess!

Post your guesses here… like this;

34. The Haunted House

I hope you will take the time and participate in this little competition… if for nothing else… then for the fun of it!