Its been a while since I’ve updated any of my blogs, or just posted a bit of news. Does this mean that nothing new has happened to Headless Hydra Games?


Far from it.

Lots of things has happened, and better yet, lots of things are… happening! For one, we are hard at work on the new Mor Aldenn Campaign Setting Guide… which looks to become more than 100 pages long.

To celebrate the upcoming Pathfinder compatible setting from Headless Hydra Games, you will be seeing a few minor products hit the pdf market the coming months. Already, you can purchase a short city supplement called Moon’s Folly. Moon’s Folly presents new character traits, feats, equipment and even a new fey monster called the Stiltskin. It also presents all the information to run a mini-campaign in the strange city of fey and lycanthropes… Moon’s Folly!

Among the other products that we are releasing the coming months are; a 20-25 page monster supplement, a race supplement presenting information about the new Mor Aldenn race called Gaiants (see illustration) and a couple of location pdfs (of a tavern called the Wizard’s Staff and a fallen tower housing a powerful demonic foe!).

So that was the preview…

…and here’s the challenge!

To celebrate that everything is going well with the Headless Hydra and that the future looks bright indeed, I’ve decided to have a sale… a sale that you, dear customer can influence!

For every person who comment on this blog entry, I will add 1% to the sale. This means that if 50 customers drop by and tell us something… about HHG, life or anything, really, we will hold a 50% sale. The challenge will run for the rest of the week, but while I would love to hear from 100 potential customers, I cannot hold a sale greater than 75%! However, that would be a nice sale, wouldn’t it?

So, accept the challenge and drop a comment!