I’ve neglected my artist spotlights… so here is another one, finally! This one is dedicated to one of my new artists… Richard Chaplin. He got aboard on Tricky Owlbear’s newest (and probably biggest) project, Forgotten Foes, that I acted as art director on.

There is a story to this actually.

While getting the illustrations ready for FF, one of my artists suddenly disappeared. He had a lot of assignments on his hands so there I stood… and desperately needed a new artist to step up to the task! He needed to be good, of course, but also fast and efficient. There’s a lot of artists looking for work out there, but for some reason, I went looking for my artist at the site of my old (and now vanished) artist. And what did I find? Richard Chaplin, of course!

Richard is a great artist. His style is a little different from the rest of the bunch I’ve worked with, but it has a charm of its own. He could probably draw anything, but what I’ve seen of his work, he tend towards chaos and darkness, two of my favorite themes! Richard is not only talented, he is also extremely efficient and got the work together in no time and even had time to take on a few more assignments! You could say that he saved Forgotten Foes on the art direction side of things.

The work he did for Forgotten Foes was greyscale, but I can’t wait to see what he can do with a few colours… there are a few examples of this on his website, as you can see below.

Well, lets have a look at some of the work he did for Forgotten Foes!


(From Tricky Owlbear’s Forgotten Foes!)


(From Tricky Owlbear’s Forgotten Foes!)

Phrenic Scourge

…apparently these are supposed to be our Mindf…

(From Tricky Owlbear’s Forgotten Foes!)

And if you want to see more of Richard’s work, just follow this link! You can also, if you like monsters… buy Forgotten Foes and see more of his baddies!