A little (slightly unrelated) news… I’ve gathered a team of excellent writers who is going to help me create the upcoming Pathfinder edition of Mor Aldenn, the City of Mages. It looks as we are going to golarify the setting slightly, so that it fits more with the official Pathfinder setting. The project has gotten a smooth start and I am really looking forward to working with these guys! I am also looking to add some patrons (no money involved) to the project, patrons who just wants to participate in the discussions, offer ideas and perhaps even do a bit of playtesting. So if you are interested, please contact me at storyguide(dot)axel(at)gmail(dot)com, I will probably stop at 4 or 5, and if you’ve already read and enjoyed some of the Mor Aldenn stuff, that will definitely be a benefit.

Well, on to the next artist spotlight!

This is one of my favorites… Justin Hernandez. Justin got onboard the Headless Hydra train early on, when I was working on the original first draft of Mor Aldenn (City of Mages). His style is slightly messy and sketchy, but in a really good way. I really enjoy his style and hope to get him aboard for the newest edition of Mor Aldenn. He has worked on many Headless Hydra Games projects, like A Player’s Guide (and GMs Guide) to Mor Aldenn, Forgotten Foes (where he did some amazing illustrations of the sin dragons) and lastly, Eldritch Secrets. The last project was even in colour, wonderful magical colours. Justin is one of those artists that I trust completely to deliver what I expect (sometimes even more than I expect), and we even have an agreement that I dont need to see sketches first.

Justin’s had some problems along the way, with his hand (an artist’s most important limb, I guess), and yet, he has always delivered amazing work, and when the work is that good, I don’t mind waiting a few days extra for it.

Oh, and if you are wondering about who did the Headless Hydra Games logo… well, that was Justin as well.

Well, here are some of his illustrations!

Orregil Silvermane, centaur chieftain

(From the Mor Aldenn Campaign Setting)

Master Chaosiic

(From forgotten Foes by Tricky Owlbear)

The wither spell

(From Eldritch Secrets by Headless Hydra Games)


As always, if you wish to see more of this artist’s works, please follow this link to his home!