Hi guys, its been a while since I wrote anything on this blog, but that is about to change. As you might have noticed, Eldritch Secrets have been released and I may have to write a few posts about that bit of news after this!

Well, first things first. Here is a short artist spotlight on one of the artists that has worked on more than one Headless Hydra Games’ projects! His name is Rene Walk and he has worked with me from the very beginning when I released Mor Aldenn, city of Mages. His talents are quite versatile and he can do anything from website design to logos and borderwork! With the Barrowdelve map pack, Rene even tried something new that he hadn’t tried before… cartography! Personally, I’m a big fan of his style, but if you asked him, I am quite sure that he would tell you that he could do pretty much anything!

There is one thing that I haven’t mentioned yet, which is what you see below. His more traditional artwork. With the upcoming monster book from Tricky Owlbear (Forgotten Foes), Rene created some great illustrations of the aerial servant, gorgimera, tsathar and necrophidius. All great depictions.

Well, no more talk, his work should speak for itself!

Summon Forest Guardian

(From Eldritch Secrets!)

Aerial Servant

(From Forgotten Foes)

Forgotten Foes logo

(From… yeah, you guessed it!)

The Barrowdelve, level 3

(The Mor Aldenn Campaign Setting)

And if you want to see more of Rene’s work, you should check out his website here!