A recent thread over at Paizo.com got me thinking about how I started out as a writer in the mid d20 era (not as long ago as it sounds). Basically, I wrote a lot of publishers asking for advice and then I offered them a challenge. Or rather, I asked them to challenge me, with a small free writing assignment with a tight deadline.

The first publisher to take this challenge was Ian S. Johnston over at Silverthorne Games. He was developing a few monster books at the time and so asked me to create 3 unique (and interesting) monsters for him. Which I did, of course. He liked them, but didn’t currently have a project in mind for them. He gave me some valuable feedback and that was that, basically. Later that year, I submitted a spellbook to him that he also liked but didn’t have the time to publish, he did, however, tell me that one of the other publishers were sure to pick it up. It was… not bad!

He was right, of course. Adamant Entertainment picked it up and published it as the Dread Codex II: the Necromancer’s Tome.

So, thinking about my first writing experiences, made me want to see what the dudes over at Silverthorne Games were doing. Its been a while since they last published anything, but apparently that is about to change. I sure hope that they will jump aboard the Pathfinder train, especially if they have plans of making a Pathfinder version of their famous Book of Templates. I do love a good template, and the way they are written in the Pathfinder RPG, they are much more accessible. If you feel the urge, check out their site… there is a link up above.

And so, the circle is complete, as I deliver my advice to a young and aspiring writer… I do hope that he makes it!