I’ve pretty much received all the sketches from my artists and over half of the finished illustrations, so I guess it is time to show a few more pieces for the book.

This is the Invisible Carriage by Darren Calvert. Not an easy spell to illustrate, since there really isn’t anything to show, but I think Darren did one hell of a job with it.

This is a masterwork stylus, the focus for the spell, Create Ink. This illustration was created by Carlos Torreblanca, whom some of you may know from Wayfinder! I love the colours of this piece!

This small fellow is called a puppet imp (or Twigman, by the commoners). The illustration was done by Daniel K. Lorentsen. These guys can be summoned using the spell Sticks and Stones. Some of you may remember this one from the Mor Aldenn fiction written by Sean Holland.

That’s it for now!