Hi guys, its been too long since I wrote something about Eldritch Secrets, formerly known as the Spell Compendium project! So here is a short update and a sneak peak at the artwork.

Eldritch Secrets is nearly ready for layout. Most of the spells have been tested over and over again by countless good people, so much, that if I look at them one more time, I will probably come to hate them (which would be a shame!). With the newly released Advanced Player’s Guide (by Paizo), I will, however, have to look at them one more time, to see if there are any spells that resemble each other too much.

Concerning the artwork, all of it has been commissioned and I have already received most of the sketches. And as you can see from the sneak peaks… it is going to be a beautiful book!

Oh, and I’ve hired one more artist for the project, Daniel K. Lorentsen. You

can check out his work here; www.daniellorentsen.com

He was missing for a while, but now he is back and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can contribute to Eldritch Secrets!

What you are seeing is the illustration for the Stomach of Holding spell, this one is finished and ready for the book. It was done by a chinese artist named JinFeng.

The other two are for the Draconic Whip spell and Force Bombard. These were done by Darren Calvert and are only sketches, they will be in colour once the book is released.

I guess that is it for now, hopefully I will be able to show you guys the finished logo for the book next time!