A spark of inspiration hit me recently, teasing me with a single thought… perhaps I could design an entirely new Roleplaying Game. I’ve tried this before, or rather, I’ve tried to design a new roleplaying system before, but not successfully. I’m giving myself a year to fulfill this dream of mine. I’m not shooting for the stars though, this game will not be grand scale like the Pathfinder game, but a minor game with a greater focus. However, when that is said, I will also try to design a system to go with the game.

Working title (or titles, actually) are; The Job or The Experts.

Initial Thoughts (subject to change)

Setting: So far I’m thinking cyberspace, modern, near future and sci-fi, but I’m not ruling out a historical setting. I know that I want a Second World, like a parallel world, cybernet or perhaps even a dream world, or a temporal continuum. Like with Inception, I want the players in control (or at least somewhat control) of this Second World setting. I dont want the Second World to be more attractive than the real world, but this will probably be hard to control, if not impossible.

Mood: I want this game to feel like a movie… a really cool movie. The game itself will probably be written like a script with scenes for the players to… act out. I haven’t seen this done before, so I’m not sure if it works. I have, however, just run a game where I (the Storyguide) controlled nearly everything, but where the players (hopefully) still felt in control of their characters actions. I want a really high cool factor… think Heat, Matrix, Alien 4, the Usual Suspects and Inception.

Themes: The players are neither good nor evil, they are opportunistic, greedy and absolutely self-serving. Sure, they are forced to work together and may even consider themselves friends, hey, they may even trust each other to some extent, but when it comes down to it, they have taken the Job to serve their own needs. Secrets will also play a big role in this game, and I’m thinking that every player should have at least one major secret and a few minor secrets. Keeping it a secret throughout the game may even give the player a few extra experience points (not sure what these are yet). Corporations should play a greater role than government, and money will also be a big theme.

Teamwork: I’ve always greatly enjoyed movies where the protagonists are a tight group of experts who have either chosen or is forced to work together to achieve a common (not always, though) goal. Their existence (for a short period of time, anyways) is woven around a single event… The Job! They must work together to achieve this, and each often has a clearly defined role. This leads on to the last element that I will talk about today…

The Leader: Most games that I have played have lacked one thing… a clearly defined leader. In this game, there will always be a chosen leader. He (or she) is chosen from the very beginning and will, in fact, probably be a class (or role) on its own. Does this mean that the leader will always be the leader? No. The leader can change throughout the game, but if the leader can keep the group together with him in the lead, he will probably benefit from it (and yes, I’m probably talking about experience points again).

So far, these are all thoughts swirling through my head. They are subject to change, but probably wont change a lot. I’m always happy to hear the thoughts and ideas of others, so please… share!