Hi guys, you may have heard about the Grand OGL Wiki and the DM Sketchpad, or you may not. If you haven’t, you will now!

The Grand OGL Wiki is a project that tries to collect all the Open Game Content out there from the golden 3e era. Yeah, when I say try, I mean it. It is a huge and endless project, but a worthy one. The material is easily accessible and if you need a specific feat, spell, monster or some such, you will have plenty to choose from. The project is run by Mark Gedak.

The DM Sketchpad is part of the Grand OGL Wiki, but is a bit different in the fact that it tries to add new material to the site. This material is often created by Mark himself, but sometimes other authors add stuff of theirs as well. I even think that there is a line of pdfs… if you are not too kean on using the net as your source of information.

Anyways, these projects are definitely worth checking out!

Oh, and Mark just posted a small (very small) preview of some of the spells from Eldritch Secrets! So that’s another reason to checking out the DM Sketchpad!