I should really take the time to cruise other sites more often, especially those containing Pathfinder news and podcasts.

I remember giving Ryan Costello (of 3.5 Private Sanctuary) a review copy of the Player’s Guide to Mor Aldenn and A Trail of Poison, but I hadn’t visited his podcast for some time (I’m speaking, of course, about Know Direction). It turns out… that I should have!

In Know Direction 011, Ryan gives Headless Hydra Games and Mor Aldenn approximately 5 minutes worth of his time! 5 wonderful minutes, btw!

He reviews the basics of the Mor Aldenn setting, but also finds the time to criticize my first adventure, a critique, btw, that I totally understand. I may have added a few rather boring rules to the beginning of the game, but as I remember it, I did it to add realism to the “journey through the dark woods” scene. ┬áIf I ever do an update, and I probably will, I will definitely look into this and crunch it up a bit.

If you want to check it out, along with the other wonderful Pathfinder news that Ryan delivers, please follow the link below;

Know Direction 011 – Mor Aldenn spotlight

In case you want to fastforward to the good stuff, err, I mean the Mor Aldenn stuff, go to 1.42.00, approximately.

I hope you enjoy!