[Eldritch Secrets] Classes…

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The second piece of statistics is concerned with the classes and how many spells each has.

Exclusive spells (to one class only): 117 (48,3%)

Bard spells: 59 (24,4%)

Cleric spells: 88 (36,4%)

Druid spells: 60 (24,8%)

Paladin spells: 19 (7,9%)

Ranger spells: 35 (14,5%)

Sorcerer/Wizard spells: 176 (72,7%)

This is pretty much what I expected, however, there are no spells exclusive to rangers and paladins… and I might like a few of those.

[Eldritch Secrets] Spell types…

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Ok, so here is the first piece of statistic for Eldritch Secrets… it is concerned with the three types of spells found in the compendium.

Spells in all (approx.*): 242

Offensive spells**: 98 (40,5%)

Defensive spells**: 40 (16,5%)

Utility spells**: 151 (62,4%%)

* When I say “approximately”, I do so because there can be small variations in this number, I am (afterall) only human!

** Has been updated after a more thorough walkthrough of the spells.