Hi again and sorry for the long silence! I’ve been sick for some days and still is, but today is the day when I show you some of the easy pieces! When I say easy, I dont mean that the illustrations where any easier to do than the others, merely that the artists delivered work that were just… spot on! I didn’t have any comments for these, as you can see from the sketch to the finished piece.

This is, of course, the belker!

Yes, quite a bit different from the old MM one, but it fits the description in Forgotten Foes really well. The demonic aspect of this elemental shines really through, and still, I dont think that anyone has any doubt that this is an elemental and not an actual demon.

This piece was done by Gary Dupuis. (www.gdupuis.com)

And this is, of course, the bunyip!

Apparently, the bunyip is a “real” mythological beast… I did not know this! It is depicted in lots of different ways and I think this version is very well done. The description says; “this aquatic creature resembles a cross between a seal and a shark. Its front half is that of a black seal while its rear section is that of a greyish-black shark.” I had no comments for this one and can’t wait to see what the artist does with the Moonlit Stalker, a variant bunyip.

This piece was done by Mark Hyzer (www.spiteless.com/mark.html)

And last (but not least)… the killer frog!

This is basically a mean, nasty frog that walks upright on two legs. I feared that it might look a bit comical, but as it turned out… it is a mean, nasty killer frog! Sure, it is a little bit funny to look at, but hey, a frog walking on two legs? Its a little bit funny, so I don’t mind.

This piece was done by Mario Zuccarello (www.zuccarelloartworks.com)

NEXT: When I return next, I hope to show you some sketches and finished pieces by the other artists working on this project!