As previously mentioned, I have undertaken the task to make sure that our monster book will get all the illustrations that a real bestiary needs! It is no small task, mind you, but one that I find really interesting. The book will have more than 100 monsters, known and unknown (most known, though) and each will get at least one illustration. I knew from the start that I wanted my regular artists aboard the project, but the question was, did they have the time for it?

That question was answered really fast, and the answer was… yes!

So, here is the team of artists that will work hard the coming months to make Tricky Owlbear’s monster book a real treat for the eyes! I urge you to visit their galleries and take a look at their work, it is well worth the time. Each of these artists hold a dear place in my publisher-heart and the order of their presentation is totally random.

And yes, the images are some of the illustrations that will get into the book.

Mario Zuccarello (

Mario has been with me since the beginning of my publishing career, andsome of you might recognize him as the cover artist of Mor Aldenn. I found him through and he is not only an extraodinary artist, he is also very efficient and always delivers before the deadline. I knew from the beginning that I wanted him to do the cover art for the monster book, and he totally agreed! I won’t reveal the nature of the cover at this stage, except to say that Mario will finally get to do a real battle scene.

He also wanted to contribute to the interior art and signed on for 10 pieces, which has actually grown to 12 pieces, but more on that at a later date! He has already finished most of his pieces.

Daniel Kling Lorentsen (

Daniel came aboard the Headless Hydra train recently, when he did a few colour images for a new line of products and a package of greyscale images for an upcoming Mor Aldenn adventure (A Trail of Poison). Daniel is fairly new in the business, but delivers stunning work as you can see from his website and always at time! Daniel, like the other artists I hired, are very good at drawing creatures, a skill that will definitely come in handy on this project!

Daniel has signed on for 20 pieces and has already begun sketching.

Gary Dupuis (

Gary Dupuis has been with me ever since I created Crown, a setting published by Dark Quest Games. He has done various small projects for me over the years and I’m amazed at the details that he always delivers. He is a true storyteller and any book would benefit from his talent. He has been in the business for many years, in fact, I think he started back in 2000 when the 3 edition of D&D hit the shelves. He has worked with quite a lot, as you can see from his website. I knew from the beginning that there were at least a dozen creatures that would be tailored to his talent, and wow, was I right!

Gary has signed on for 20 pieces and has already delivered the first sketches.

Mark Hyzer (

I first heard of Mark through a thread on ENWorld, but later, when I made an open call on, he responded. This is my first time working with Mark, but let me tell you, he is very easy to work with and delivers great work every time! I had seen some of the weird and wonderful creatures on his website and knew that there would be a few that he would really do justice (especially one underground creature that likes to burrow and create tunnels).

Mark has signed on for 20 pieces and has already delivered lots of sketches and even a few finished pieces.

Maxwell Song (

I found Maxwell through (yes, this site has been really good to me) when I made an open call for another project. I went with another artist on that one, but I kept his site and his email. When I signed on for this project, I remembered his site and some of the weird, twisted creatures that I had seen there. One look at them again, and I was sold.

Maxwell has signed on for 15 pieces, but hasn’t started yet. He will begin his work soon, though, and I can’t wait to see it! There is especially a few creatures that I look forward to seeing, among them a strange comical bird creature and a shapechanger.

Justin Hernandez (

Justin is another artist that I found through and who has already worked with me on a few Mor Aldenn projects. I really love his sketchy style and knew from the beginning that I wanted him to do the borderwork on this project as well. His style reminds me of John Howe’s, a favorite artist of mine. I think I’m going to give him a bit of freedom when it comes to the borderwork.

Justin, by the way, is also the creator of the Headless Hydra Games logo!

He has signed on for 10 pieces, but has not yet started on the project.

Peter Szmer (

I first saw Peter’s work on another product available at RPGNow, though the name escapes me at this very moment. His style is quite different from the others, but I think that will be his strength in the end. We have a few new dragons in the monster book and I can’t wait to see how Peter will tackle these.

Peter has signed on for 10 pieces and has yet to begin the work.

I know that there will be at least a few more artists assigned to this project, but these will get aboard the project later on.

Next: I discuss a new idea that will make this monster book project a little bit different from other bestiaries!