Here’s a bit of news.

I recently got aboard a SECRET project as Art Director. It’s actually not so secret anymore, but still, I wont uncover all the details in this short post. However, I will say that the SECRET project is actually a SECRET MONSTER BOOK project. It will be published by Tricky Owlbear, the company of Bret and Scot Boyd, and Headless Hydra Games will get a small part of the glory that this book rightfully deserves.

In the coming months, I will take you through my work as Art Director, inviting you to meet a group of extraordinary artists, every single one of them a star in his own way. They have taken upon themselves the daunting task of recreating a group of known (and some slightly known) monsters. Yes, there was another bit of SECRET information.

They will also create monsters that haven’t seen the world before, creations of their own twisted minds. Yes, this is the reversed process, where the artist draw a monster and the writer create the mechanics. I especially look forward to this way of designing monsters. I know that all my artists are up for this task, and will (hopefully) find it as exciting as I does.

Well, for more information about this project, check in here, or over at Tricky Owlbear;

I shall return all too soon! I promise!