Headless Hydra Games…to the blog and home of Headless Hydra Games!

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you already know about Mor Aldenn, the City of Mages, the primary setting of this small publishing company.

Publishing company, you say? Well, this may be too much of a statement, but I’m certainly hoping that I can pull off this feat and create a new base for publishing my own products in this new setting.

No more middlemen, no more people to be dependent on, except, of course, the readers! However, I’d much rather listen to you, the readers, than to some publisher who doesn’t really care about the setting, who just wants to make money!

You, the readers, the gamers…care!

This summer, you can follow the progress of Mor Aldenn and Headless Hydra Games on both this blog and the Design Blog found here, http://cityofmages.wordpress.com.

The logo was created by Justin Hernandez, a wonderful artist that has created a dozen amazing illustrations for Mor Aldenn, so expect to see more of his work! Also, don’t expect a lot of thought behind the name, Headless Hydra Games, the idea came from an inn found in Mor Aldenn, called the Headless Hydra Inn, and I just thought it sounded cool… a name to remember!